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Luca’s Life Video

Comprehensive video editing of Luca’s life and adventures.
Recommended view for anybody visiting this page for the first time!
Voice-over narration text is available for easy reading below the chapter list.

1st Photo Contest in Memory of Luca

CANYONLAND RIC Ticino 2018 held the 1st Photo Contest in memory of Luca Chiarabini, aimed to promote and stimulate that same active spirit, adventurous life, and photographic sharing that were Luca’s passions during his life. An international jury of canyoneers will evaluate the best photo and award the winner a prize of 1000.-CHF and an exclusive sculpted by hand trophy, during the closing ceremony of CANYONLAND.

Acts of Memory

Compilation of spontaneous acts and celebrations in memory of Luca, in chronological order.
LAST UPDATE: 30th August 2018

Life Party

On 12 August 2017, Luca’s friends hold a celebration in memory of his life (19 May 1970 – 3 Aug 2017). Some of the best of Luca’s pictures were spontaneously collected by his friends in the previous days, they were compiled in a slideshow, and they were shown to the people attending the celebration.

After the slideshow, some friends volunteered to explain to everybody their experiences and memories with Luca.

The speeches have been recorded on video and collected in this album.