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We want Luca’s friends to live again their moments with Luca. We have compiled close-up photos of Luca and each friend while in adventures together. The face recognition is done automatically, it might happen that some friends of Luca have not been recognized or some names have been misspelled. To have your photo added manually or make corrections, please write to

If possible, please add comments and stories to your Album, or email us and we will add them. These comments can be funny stories, touching moments, explanations of what’s going on in the photo, or anything you’d like to share with the rest of his family and friends. Posted comments and stories will be ported to the other albums and to Stories & Best.

If you wish to upload new photos and videos to be integrated in this site, please use this link.

General comments have been provided here on how to better see albums and add comments. Please also feel free to help us “house-clean” these photos if you think they are duplicated, incorrectly tagged, etc.


Tiffanie L.

Calius L.

Sonny L.

Michelle N.

Nivalda P.

Cesar F.

Judit M.B.

Jr R.

Joy C.

Ira L.

Merce G.

Alicia A.

Jen H.

Jane A.

Roger A.

Megan A.

Steven A.

R. Arhart

Doug B.

Ron L.

JuanLu H.

Amparo P.

Eva C.

Evan J.

Stephanie M.

Luis M.

April P.

Julie M.

Kevin B.

Erik B.

Xavi B.



Javi F.

Chuy G.

Gitti P.

Kline S.

Amy W.

Kina L.

Brittany C.

Rob S.


Spencer S.

Alwin A.

Crissy R.

Beppe A.

Mark H.

Christina S.

Scott S.

Dan H.

Lily B.

Amy O.

Luyi C.

Santi G.

John M.

Mark B.

Galo J.

Javito R.

Elia B.

Florinda R.

Josepmaria S.

Miquel B.

Ryan B.

Jenny K.

Tasha K.

Jennifer H.

Heather L.

Gertjan V.P.

Sandra K.

Dean B.

Jeff L.

Jordi G.

John N.

Sarah C.

Justin W.

Choy T.

Paul S.

Elaine S.

Chris G.

Thorm C.

Mark K.

Helser K.

Pere E.

Thea G.

Toni M.

Michael W.

Pascalv D.

Priscilla D.

Erdal Y.

Marco L.

Penelope B.

Kirk B.

Jesse H.

Andrea L.

Oguz A.

Jen Ha.

Stephen H.

Micajah T.

Fredrik F.

Logan D.

Toinette H.

Dan K.

Steve A.

Ferran P.

Dave B.

G. Beyan

Josh C.

S. Bowling

Deb H.

Quintin G.

H. Mansion

Laura M.

Klaus G.

Conrad W.

Laura S.

Aditya S.

Dave R.

Evan T.

Anne C.

Unknown 2.

Unknown 4.

Unknown 5.

Unknown 6.

Unknown 7.

Unknown 10.

Unknown 11.

Unknown 12.

Unknown 14.

Unknown 15.

Unknown 16.

Unknown 17.

Unknown 19.

Unknown 20.

Marlen Sch.

Randi O.

Vivian Cha.

Nancy Pist.

Randy Po.

Amber G.