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We deeply thank CAYONLAND Ticino RIC 2018 for holding the 1st photo contest in memory of Luca Chiarabini, as well as all who have participated in the contest. An idea and initiative of Luca’s close friend Marco Leonini.

“CANYONLAND 2018 is holding the 1st Photo Contest in memory of Luca Chiarabini (May 1970 – Aug 2017), aiming to promote and stimulate that same active spirit, adventurous life, and photographic sharing that were Luca’s passions during his life. All participants of CANYONLAND are invited to immortalize the beauties of the host region as well as the beauties and peculiarities of the Canyoning. An international jury of canyoneers will evaluate the best photo and award the winner a prize of 1000.-CHF and an exclusive sculpted by hand trophy, during the closing ceremony of CANYONLAND.”


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The exclusive trophy has been designed and crafted by Italian sculptor artist Stefano Lorenzo Cavane under request of Luca’s family, with the aim to take into account the passion and sentiments of canyoneering.

It represents a golden figure 8 ring usually used by canyoneers, and the silver rope that passes through mimics a heart shape: the love for canyoneering. The beauty of nature is represented by local stones collected from the heights of Ticino’s canyons, that have been embedded in the noble wood base.

Winner Trophy

The  awarding of the prize by Marco Leonini during the closing ceremony of CANYONLAND.

The winner photo, by Hervé Krummenacher:

The winner photo has captured in perfect armony the essences and beauties of canyoneering: nature, water, rock, friendship and FUN.

The other finalists:

2nd classified, by David Eskes

3rd classified, by  Chase Mueller